How To Write About Theatre

When writing about a theatre, it is very important to be practical. Write your own knowledge about theatre and what you really feel about theatre. Some of the major aspects of writing about theatre are a presentation, layout, and the stage directions and also cast list. These aspects are very crucial in theatre writing.

Synopsis writing about theatre is not that important since it gives the general meaning of the theatre. It is not very useful and acts as a hindrance. It is not necessary unless asked to give a synopsis. The most important thing is the title of the work theatre.

Various plays are heralded by pages baring its character descriptions. When a playwright feels too wordy, the actor’s age may be included and even some little physical description. Character description reduces the general reading experience. It inhibits the general imagination since everything is highlighted in the description. The best feeling about theatre is the feeling when you get surprised. But when all information is given before the action or the reading, there would be nothing to enjoy.

writing about theatreStage directions are the other important aspects to look into when writing about theatre. They help in visualizing and revealing on the playwright. Stage direction can give a distinct difference between good dramatist and a great writer. Stage direction as a style gives a great deal to the writer and the time in which the piece of writing was written. Stage directions should be very honest and logical more than even the play itself. The reader watches them carefully since they visualize the action in playwright.

The presentation of a theatre is seen in pictures and masses of images as some scripts include clips from the internet. The images are mostly not used well which shows that one does not trust what they do in writing. There are no rules or series of the clear sketch. The use of images should be precise and not over exaggerated. They should be minimized and used only to represent the whole playwright.

writing-aboutAnother aspect of writing about theatre is originality. The work should be original in that the work should be new. Various people try to change setting forgetting to change ideas. Ideas are more valuable than the setting. The place where the play takes place can be the same but of different ideas. Playwright of the theatre is very essential. One’s style, rhythm or even the pauses placement gives one ownership of the piece of writing. Writers should be honest about the originality of work.