How To Make Your Writing Funnier

Making your work funnier simply means manipulating the regular words or work to look new in a creative manner. The way words are used creatively helps in the development of one’s knowledge and skills in writing. Creativity is a way in which one expresses themselves in writing. Writing involves the mind which is displayed distinctly and uniquely. Its effect is seen in different ways. The manipulation of words in writing helps one open up to new changes in life. It improves communication skills and their relationships since one is open to sharing information.

creativity in writing.There are very many ways to express your creativity in writing. To start with is taking key points from famous writers. In this way, you learn how to use certain words appropriately. It also gives ways in which certain words are used to capture readers’ ears. Start by going ahead, breaking a hard irresistible work into manageable work and handle them one by one. Ensure that the opening line is captivating. Make sure that you write something.

It is also important to note something on what celebrities say. Note how they use literary devices and how they put them to evoke the feelings of the audience. This is only used for training purposes. Just note what made the speech effective or where the speaker failed. Films also can help with learning and inspiration. It is important to jot down for future reference and even helps in understanding how a certain mood was attained.

Ensure that you leave your readers in suspense and hunger for your manipulation of literary devices. Literary devices improve the taste of the piece of writing because of the use of appetizing elements used and make the setting unique. These devices include metaphors, alliterations, irony, repetition, and allusions among others. Understand the beliefs of most of your readers to write what they understand.

Avoid the use of irritating things in writing. Be unique and avoid obvious things in writing because it will make your work boring. A writer or a blogger is one who likes reading and exploring features of writing so as to keep improving their work. Always be specific and precise in what you do.

Avoid the use of irritating things in writing. It is also good to take note of daily occurrence no matter how small. It is a way of keeping records, and one can use as reference someday. It might be phrased to describe feelings, events or any other occasion. Those phrases can be points of a piece of work. You can also realize the pros and cons of emotions. In this case, you can put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand them. Reading human psychology can help you know what is important and a less important thing for people to read. Practicing neurolinguistic programming to understand the audience’s feeling but nerve overdo things.


In conclusion, a writer should be a good reader. Should read extensively. Practice is also very important to come up with good work of art. You should be aggressive in writing. New creative tactics of writing make your work funnier so embrace them.