Best Innovation Speakers in 2019

Innovation Speakers are in high demand since, in today’s business climate, corporations can’t afford to support the status quo. As competition in various industries increases, it’s essential to concentrate on change and creativity to distinguish yourself from the competition. It’s also challenged to embrace the technologies that will turn tomorrow’s possibilities into profits.

One primary concept being encompassed in the corporate world of late is innovative management. It’s fundamentally about being inventive to stay ahead of the competition.

Below is a list of the best innovation speakers in 2019;

  1. Robert Tucker

Robert is a speaker on innovation intelligence who is in high demand. He presides the innovation resource which is a consulting company based in Santa Barbra California.

Robert earlier worked as a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has been at the forefront encouraging various international organizations on innovation strategy.

Robert maintains that only companies that can consistently bring value-added new products, and services, will survive in an economy that is rapidly evolving. He yet adds that most firms are frustrated with their failure to turn ideas into profitable realities.

  1. Bruce Turkel

Bruce is a renowned innovation futurist, who maintains that your customers understand you, the way you understand them and that’s why you matter to them, your brand then becomes their brand.

With over thirty years of experience, Bruce Turkel – Innovation speaker, speaks about organizational brands and how others perceive them. In his speeches, he assists his listeners to recognize how they can make their brand relevant to their customers.


  1. Peter Bendor- Samuel

Peter is currently the CEO of the Everest group which is a management and consulting research Company. The company was founded in the year 1991 in Dallas. For the last three decades, he has led Everest as one of the best frontier in the global services industry.

He endeavors to help companies to embrace complex business transformation, emerging technologies, and disruptive business models by means of new sources of growth and competitive differentiation.

He has authored the industry’s bestselling book “Turning lead into Gold” and has been regularly starred in global business media, New York Times and financial times. He is one influential speaker on innovation at various companies.

  1. Shara Evans

Shara is an accomplished entrepreneur. Besides, she is the founder and CEO of market Clarity. A leading firm in technology analysis. Additionally, she is also the founder of Telsyte, a telecommunication and consulting group. As an innovation speaker, Shara weaves herself from the narrative of the future will radically be different from the current world. However, it will depend on how the current technology leaps into the future. Through contextualization and humanizing research, Shara assist companies to create and commercialize their products and services for tomorrow.

In addition, she takes organizations through how to take advantage of the opportunities underpinned by developing technologies. As one of the best female world futurists, she is one exceptional individual who merges incredible technical skills with an innate understanding of the social and economic impact of new technologies.

Shara is regarded as a preeminent specialist on emerging technologies, cyber security, digital privacy, and the future.